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Sherita Ayanbule, FOUNDER & TOP PASTRY CHEF. 


We want to create an experience that you can share with yourself and loved ones. Ranging from wedding cakes to dessert tables, we want to provide you a feeling of fulfillment. We use luscious ingredients to create delectable and dainty pieces. We care about the appearance of our cakes and desserts, just as much as we care about the taste. Each dessert and cake is crafted meticulously and precisely for each of our clients, giving them the satisfaction that they deserve.

Here at Rita's Party Creations we offer custom cakes for weddings, birthdays, graduations, or any occasion you see fit, as well as beautifully crafted dessert tables. Our team works diligently and endlessly to provide our clients with not only an exquisite finished product, but a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

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